How You Can Get Your Home Ready to Sell Affordably

How You Can Get Your Home Ready to Sell Affordably

  • D’Ann Melnick
  • 04/29/22

I’m sharing four nearly-free ways you can prepare your home for the market.

You’re thinking about putting your home on the market, but which to-do list items should you tackle, and which ones should you forego? Today I’m going to give you four almost-free ways you can get your home ready for sale:

1. Thoroughly clean your house. This might seem like common sense, but many people overlook it. You can hire a company to do this, or you could do it yourself. Pay attention to the inside of appliances, baseboards, trims, and blinds. You want your home to sparkle and smell fresh when buyers come through.

2. Keep up with basic home maintenance. Ideally, this would already have been done, but it can be easy to forget. Make sure the air filter is changed, that all of the light bulbs work, and all the other little items are in order. If these things aren’t done, buyers might get worried about the home’s overall condition.

“If your home has bold, bright colors, it’s especially important that you paint the walls a neutral color.”

3. Declutter. I bet you hear this a lot, but what does it actually mean? All it means is taking the time to go through your home and thin out your belongings. For example, you might want only one photo on a shelf instead of a whole row of them. I always tell my sellers to make sure all their clothes are hung the same way and that nothing is hanging off the shelves in the closets. A clean closet looks like it has more space compared to a messy one.

4. Paint your home with some neutral colors. This could cost a little bit of money, but if you have bold and bright colors, it is especially important. A buyer’s preference in color palette will probably be different from yours, so you should go with a clean neutral color. Sherwin Williams’ Agreeable Grey used to be a good choice, but the trend has shifted more towards greige, which is a grey-beige combination.

If you have questions about what to do to your home before you list, give me a call. I do a free consultation with all of my sellers where I walk through the home and teach them what they can do to prepare it at a minimal cost.


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